Take a little squiz into my life

Just a girl who likes to make and decorate cakes, but surprisingly would take donuts or cookies over it any day. Go figure.

Hey friend!
Here is a bakers dozen of facts about my life and how I got this whole business started.

1) I am a qualified chef and pastry chef (when I typed this, I wrote pasty chef by accident, and that is sadly also true – refer to picture).

2) Up until 12 years old, I always wanted to be an artist of some sort. Then realised, I wasn’t good at painting, sculpting or drawing of any kind unfortunately.

3) I’ve always really enjoyed (like weirdly enjoyed) putting together flat pack furniture.

4) I am by far the biggest cheapskate ever when it comes to buying things for myself. (I don’t think I’ve bought a shirt for more than $20 ever).

5) I was ambidextrous for quite a large chunk of my childhood due to breaking my left elbow. (I now cannot straighten my left arm due to that).

6) I started getting into cooking at around 12 years old.

7) I worked as a kitchenhand for a few cafes and realised being a chef is A LOT harder and more stressful than I thought.

8) My love for cakes grew when I was 16 and in year 11 at school.

9) I started my little Instagram account Bare and Berries in late 2016 where I was able to share my love for baking.

10) I studied Cert III in Commercial Cookery at Ryde TAFE in 2017.

11) The next year I studied Cert IV in Patisserie at Meadowbank TAFE in 2018.

12) July 7, 2018 I registered the name Bare and Berries and became a proper business and it’s been my little baby ever since.

13) And, yes. It is true. I am a cake decorator who doesn’t like cake. But, I have taste tested so many recipes and altered them to provide you nothing but the best tasting cake you will ever have!

Now that you know a bit more about me, go order yourself a delicious treat!